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Hi TenLeftFingers!

Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Thanks tygre. Here's a paste of SnoopDos from before I press Play and get the guru:

I ran HippoPlayer first but the same thing happened as soon as I pressed "play".
Thank you for the information and the use case, I am happy to report (unless someone would explain me otherwise) that AmiModRadio does not seem to be the culprit here I think that HiP is responsible but...

Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
The rest of my system info is in my sig. I don't mind posting here but if you'd prefer keep this thread seperate I'm happy to PM.
... given your configuration, I could not explain why... Could you try to find the missing libraries (the ones for which loading "Fail"ed in the SnoopDos log) and try again?

Let me know!
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