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It looks pretty much as I remember it did in the previous version (I overwrote it by accident and cannot find it again to retry it).

However, WinUAE seems to invoke some bug in my monitor or graphic driver as lower frame rates of G-Sync causes the monitor to flicker after having started WinUAE. I noticed it when testing WinUAE previously and thought it was black frame insertion flicker I was seeing, but I see the same flicker after I quit WinUAE and launch a game with G-Sync where the frame rate drops to some level. I need to reboot the machine to get G-Sync working properly again. After running WinUAE, the flicker is back though. I have no idea how WinUAE is doing it, but it is messing up G-Sync somehow and putting it in some bad state.

Turning the monitor off and back on to reenable G-Sync does not help. I imagine it must be a driver bug. Until this issue has been resolved, I probably cannot do any valid tests of this.
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