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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
It appears that you are disturbed by all these keys. I have simplified the interface with this new version :

The needed keys to use are now : the Arrows, Enter, Escape,Backspace, F10.
Let me know if you prefer this.
Jeff, now I believe this project is your "child"
Only don't stop improving it.
TAB key should swap in drive selection the slots from A to B if you stick with this new method.

What about firmware kept pressed for 000? This ain't good, you should follow good functions of cortex firmware IMO like fast searching while key pressed (with increased speed while keep pressing).

And what about the good solution for HEX slot numbering?
You could increase to 1000 slots without problem. HEXed 4095 slots means increased config file, but you might want to optimize it. 16 bytes for spacing slots is rather much waste if the config is read to memory, but I think FW reads the proper config file offset, am I right?

One my opinion on "poor" ASCII display on 7 seg - this was here or elsewhere described - this is not so bad idea. Let me elaborate on it:
ADF/HFE... truncated filename could be scrolled while "no key pressed" and at the end 5 sec with slot number displayed - one click could break displaying poor text and switch to slot number display then "next/previous" slot function might work if slot number is being displayed.

Manager should be still improved, if I am with free time, I will spend more time on it
One question Jeff, could you prepare .UPD file with latest cortex firmware? But the "reversible" of course UPD, that we may still revert back to UPD with HxC FW? This could be great for "like me", trying to test this gotek on the other FW without losing your precious FW

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