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Hello Trustman, There are so many folk in the Amiga community who make this site and the emulators it seems unfair to single anyone or anything out, but...

Have a look at FS-UAE by Frode Soldhiem. There are a couple of front ends packaged with it, FS-UAE-Launcher and FS-UAE-Arcade.

The launcher can appear a bit daunting at first - there is on-line help for it - you'll need to connect it up to the Open Amiga Game Database and it will download the configuration files you'll want to pretty well every game there was, then scan your hard disk for floppy images and more.

Then you can play History Line without disk swapping (I hope). If it's Hard Disk installable you can do just that in an emulated hard drive, otherwise there's a package called WHDLoad which allows you to play floppy games from a hard drive. One way or another, floppy disks can be banished.
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