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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
If I listened to a Dutch podcast I would make sure I was fluent in Dutch. I am not so I do not...

I watch German TV sometimes. My German is not great but I don't complain to the German broadcasters that I cannot understand the accent or if their live news broadcasts from the field are not always great quality.

We're all entitled to our opinions I guess.

Dan has also explained how he is dependent on the interviewee's recording equipment.
I merely replied to someone saying that the podcast sounds absolutely awesome. Which is not true for some interviews. That is not voicing an opinion, but stating a fact... A fact that is due to the equipment or software used during the interview (as stated by Dan and Ravi in their feedback).

Imo there is nothing wrong with pointing out the sound quality as something that could be improved for an international audience if possible. It's just feedback, not a personal attack towards Dan or Ravi that needs to be defended by all means.

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