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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
If someone skips because of a little distortion I wonder how interested they really were...

Content anyone???

That's like not watching a TV show because it is not in HD. IMHO it's stupid but everyone is allowed their own (dumb) opinions!!

I wonder if they hang up on friends calling using a mobile as the audio isn't to scratch?
Imagine yourself listening to a Dutch retro gaming Podcast where they interview someone with a heavy Flemish-Dutch accent/dialect (assuming that you are smart enough to understand another language beside English ofc). On top of that the audio quality isn't that great, so you have to stop the cast, go back a few seconds and re-play the conversation until you fully understand it.

Would you skip the interview or repeat it a few times more? Do you still believe that skipping the interview has to do with a lack of interest in the content?

Saying that someone has a dumb opinion for pointing out something that could be improved for an international audience is a bit narrow minded don't you think?
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