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Just to tell that the random option works. It's only necessary to use FlushMUI at the beginning.

The only problem is that it's complicated to use an Outlined font for the text in the middle. I can change it to be black or white, so I'm using white.

Q: Where can I change that black font and select another?

A: Use MUIA_Font to set a struct TextFont * from a font opened before. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to close the font upon application termination again.

The text styles can be modified by MUIA_Text_Preparse and/or MUIA_Text_Contents. Read the corresponding Autodocs for full information about what is possible and what is not.
So well, I can't know when the application closes, so I will use the white font.

The problem is with one of the skins, the "WB1.3" one (insert disk skin), it's too white and you can't see the letters, the name of the song playing.

Edit: I think I just will "rename" that skin out to select the random one and in again after that.
Edit: Done.

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