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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Yes, if you want to play non-AGA floppy-based games, it is best to just stick with KS 1.3. Even 2.0 have many compatibility issues. Also, your Amiga should be configured with 512kB chip + 512 kB ranger memory as some old games are hard coded for this and that is probably the most compatible configuration. KS 3.1+ and more memory/CPU is only really if you want to use Workbench.
Good point - I only did install the KickROM 3.x as I was thinking of getting a HDD-card reader adapter/accelerator board, i.e. the ACA500(plus) for my A500 (I've understood that Kickstart 3.x is needed for this), however the ACA500 boards are all long sold out and ACA500plus is due to be available ("maybe") later this year.
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