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Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
Is there any reason you use Kickstart 3.x on that Amiga 500? Using Kippers memory/CF card expansion? I prefer to keep my Amiga 500s with kickstart 1.2/1.3 for use with floppy loading. Of course I have both A1200 and A600 for whdload and also have ACA 500 with ACA 1221 which I can plug into any of my Amiga 500s if I want.
I was supposed to get a CF card reader-HDD extension, namely the ACA500, so that's the reason for the Kick3.x (no more disk swaps, Kickstart 1.3 can be loaded into memory for backwards compatibility and so forth). Sadly, all the ACA500 boards were sold out by the time I got my A500 running, so now I'm waiting for Individual Computers to hopefully come up with the ACA500plus (a new revision of the board) sometime soon. One other option I've been waiting for is A500Flash from Retro 7-Bit, at least the idea in itself seems fantastic. A keyboard-switchable Kickstart ROM and then some.
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