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Originally Posted by rats View Post
Thanks! We would love to get you on one day Akira
I don't think I have much to speak of, but if you do think so, contact me by all means!
Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
If someone skips because of a little distortion I wonder how interested they really were...
I wonder if they hang up on friends calling using a mobile as the audio isn't to scratch?
Again, you also do not understand what it's like not being a native English speaker. And yes, numerous times, I had to unfortunately drop a call because I couldn't understand what was going on on the other side. It's not because it's "bad quality", it's because artifaction can make it harder for a non native speaker to understand what is being spoken.

This is no criticism or fault of the podcast makers per se, but it's a -reality- of those -millions- of us who do not speak English as their first language, and even those like me who are proper bilingual. Be a bit more considerate to such people.
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