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Originally Posted by danwood_uk View Post
That's really beyond our control, as it's down to the quality of the guest's set up and their Internet connection.

Ravi and I record our bit in a studio with 100,000s worth of kit, but with guests we're at the mercy of their home setup and connection. Volume shouldn't be an issue though as the entire show is run through a pretty beefy multiband compressor to compensate for any level difference (the waveform pretty much looks square lol), but the difference between our broadcast quality microphones and their home 10 headset probably sounds more apparent.

Bear in mind, many other podcasts are recorded entirely via Skype
If someone skips because of a little distortion I wonder how interested they really were...

Content anyone???

That's like not watching a TV show because it is not in HD. IMHO it's stupid but everyone is allowed their own (dumb) opinions!!

I wonder if they hang up on friends calling using a mobile as the audio isn't to scratch?
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