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Originally Posted by gorky View Post
Jeff, the HxC Floppy Emulator Manager for Amiga should be improved. The firmware should follow it. The navigation is terrible. My gotek's buttons once clicked and while keep pressed reset to 000 - no cycle through slots. But the main thing is I can't easly go next and previous slot in manager - no such function for previous slots... How do you feel when you misclicked 30 slot and have to click now 250 positions? faster is resetting Amiga. This is really something you must look after.

Function Keys (1/2):

Up/Down/Right/Left: Browse SD/USB files
-seems clear and right

Right Shift : Go back to the top of the folder

Left A / ENTER: Insert selected file in the current slot to A: Right A- in slot B (confusing)
-why bother Amiga Keys for it, the better I think are keys 1 and 2 as clear in meaning.

Left ALT and Right ALT - confusing! I use left ALT to assign and right ALT just skips to next slot. Why not having a nice COMBO:

1 - Assign to slot A
2 - Assign to slot B
LEFT ALT+1 - Assign A and goto previous slot
LEFT ALT+2 - Assign B and goto previous slot
RIGHT ALT+1 - Assign A and goto next slot
RIGHT ALT+2 - Assign B and goto next slot
LEFT ALT - goto previous slot
RIGHT ALT - goto next slot

TAB - it doesn't work for me (A600)
There is no possibility to escape from assigning ADF to slot after ENTER. It's very confusing...

Could you please take care of that? thx in advance
This is some of the things I was wondering about. Clearly the Cortex firmware works much better right now. For me at least. I think I will just stick to the Cortex as the only benefit I can see the HXC firmware brings is extended ADF. I can only think about Cannon Fodder 1 needing it for savedisk.

Cortex can assign 999 slots. It can cycle very fast through the slots by holding the forward or backwards button. By holding both buttons you go back to track zero. It's also very easy to assign slots in the selector. Just navigate with the joystick and choose ADF with joystick button then place it in the slot you want. It's even possible to remove from the slot without the need for a restart.
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