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Cannot decide which of my Amiga 500s to put the Gotek with Gotek extension board in?

So I have 5 Amiga 500s. One of them already has a Gotek in it which I cut the case to fit. This gives me 4 Amiga 500s to choose from. I bought myself a Gotek extension board like this:

Will list my Amiga 500 options for this here:

1: Amiga 500 Rev. 6A or even with A500+ motherboard as it still has it's seal intact. Kickstart 1.3. It looks in perfect condition with no yellowing or scratches. Perfectly working with floppy drive.

2: Amiga 500 Rev. 6A which I built from my old motherboard and a case bought on Ebay. Kickstart 1.3. Case is a bit yellowed and has a few marks but keyboard I used is perfect. Shield is removed. Perfectly working with floppy drive.

3: Amiga 500 Rev. 6A with little to no yellowing but case has some scratches and was broken in a few places (fixed with glue). Keyboard has just a little bit of yellowing. Shield removed. Got it with Kickstart 2.0 but waiting for a Kickstart 1.3 to arrive from ebay. Also perfectly working with floppy drive.

4: Good old Amiga 500 with kickstart 1.2 and Rev. 5 motherboard. Has this old rare keyboard with the Commodore key and different keystrokes. Also has the commodore logo stamped into the plastic instead of the regular Commodore badge. Case and keyboard looks perfect with no yellowing. This seems to have a little bit different colour than my typical Amiga 500s. It's also working perfectly with the floppy drive.

So which of these should I put a Gotek with the extension board in? Of course I don't need to cut into the case with this extension board. I can put 512KB memory expansion into any of these A500s as I have 3 of them.

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