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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Ok but it'd be nice not to have multiple tools to mess with, it'd be much better to have a check box when both exporting to hfe or batch converting to hfe that gave us the option to sort the files on the target location.

That way you can make sure the firmware and menu software isn't moved as they are sensitive to being first files on the sd card.

I have both your rev c hardware and Gotek's with HxC firmware so this world be really helpful option for me.

I have the 1541u2 in my c64 and it does ask this stuff by itself, not having sort options and press "g" key to jump to first file starting with "g" has been a source of irritation.

Ps for some hw pr0n, here is my a500 with HxC rev c.
Looks really nice. Nice to see you have not slaughtered a CDTV keyboard and used stickers instead

I think any type of sort option would be way to slow on the floppy bus. It's better to have all games put into letter folders and use FAT sorter for sorting. To make things fast and practical there is only one good solution on a floppy emulator: The more you can assign, the better. Any search function within the file selector would be way too slow anyway.

Edit: I missread. You did not ask for sorting on the floppy emulator file selector itself.

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