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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I have to say I haven't heard all their podcasts because I'm not really that interested in the matters talked about, but those podcasts I heard sounded pretty good.
Thanks! We would love to get you on one day Akira

We do understand the point with accents and being a non-native speaker. Sometimes it's hard for us to understand a guest with a strong accent lol

I usually contact and get the guests, the interview quality is usually down to a few factors.

- What software they are using eg Skype is not as nice as google plus (we found from bill herd).
- The mic they have avaliable. Dave Perry and a few others have used iPad mics or laptop which really don't sound amazing.
- If they use headphones or echo is created.
- Another aspect we cannot control is the quality of the connection on the guest end, causing artifacts drop outs and peaks.

We also do multiband processing over the whole show and record in a proper studio via a mixing desk. Dan is a Radio host and I am a sound engineer so we keep a high standard, Dan has sometimes been editing interviews for hours at a time to keep the quality high, he edits every show, every week!

As time goes on we will keep trying to improve it as much as possible, hopefully as we get bigger names they will be more used to interviews online. Got some guests coming to the studio soon as well!

Cheers Ravi

Ps. Thanks for all your kind comments glad you guys are enjoying it, so are we!

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