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The original 500 will outlive most Amiga models imo - I reckon most will still be around until the end of this century if looked after and kept in normal environment. For me the original run 1000 is the highest quality Amiga (the one with the copper tracks/ceramic chipset).

I would predict the following having imminent threat of death (unless serviced) - highest to lowest risk (taking into account build/part quality at the time);

4000 (barrel battery of doom & leaky/cheap caps)
CD32 (leaky/cheap caps)
1200 (leaky/cheap caps)
600 (leaky/cheap caps)
500+ (barrel battery of doom/close proximity of surrounding chips)
3000 (barrel battery of doom/close proximity of surrounding chips)
2000 (barrel battery of doom - not as risky due to larger PCB plane, easier to work with if repair required)
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