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Toni Wilen
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Beta 10:

- if uaenet.device is online and packet(s) have arrived but there is no pending CMD_READ/CMD_READORPHANs: wait about 2s before dropping it, it is possible that multiple packets will arrive so quickly that Amiga-side TCP/IP stack don't have time to queue more read commands before packets get dropped.
- uaenet.device stability fix.
- Loading config with unplugged joystick or mouse inserted in either port: previous device was not autoselected.
- Filter panel scaling mode active and mouse driver enabled: mouse got stuck in a corner in some situations.
- Screenshot input event set to toggle-mode in Input panel: key/button press = create screenshots continuously every frame, following key/button press = stop automatic screenshots.
- one genlinetoscr function (16-bit 4x horizontal stretch) used genlock function in non-genlock mode.
- Adaptive Sync "vsync" mode added. Optimal setting designed for G-Sync/FreeSync monitors. Also allows 100/120Hz black frame insertion mode. Not very stable yet. (Don't try to use without adaptive sync hardware..)
- 68040 MMU mode SR M-bit handling was missing. 68060 SR M-bit handling was not correct.
- Disable bsdsocket.library if indirect UAE Boot ROM is enabled, it is not (yet?) compatible.
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