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I agree with both Jeff and PortuguesePilot. Guys, we need some improvement to ease basic gotek's functionality. I have bought a gotek with HxC not knowing there are only 30 disk images available on selector config. But I know you Jeff do support the software and hope you reflect on this matter. I read on my fellow country board that people obtain two gotek's (one with cortex , one with hxc) so there must be a reason.

So our great wishes for upcoming dev-works by you Jeff is to implement 999+ slots, even better, you could make not only more slots, but take advantage of hex numbering, bringing the opportunity to maintain 4096 slots filled with ADFs and displayed by default gotek's display. Another steady question is, if you could do PC software to bring line by line config data to text file, making print-ready list that users could print out and be a happy "gamestation" owners
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