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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
I know if I was struggling to follow them I'd change my own set up, listen in a silent room on decent quality speakers etc, rather than shoot myself in the foot by skipping them entirely.
I'm sorry, but you can never understand what it is like not being a native English speaker.
I understand what Amon_Ra is saying, I also have had to stop watching or listening something at some point after the tenth time of rewinding and still not understanding, and it wasn't because I was in a poor room, or had shitty speakers, it's just has to do with understanding. When you introduce artifaction to the voice, a non-native speaker will have a harder time figuring the language out. This varies with your understanding of English, of course.
So his point is very valid.

I have to say I haven't heard all their podcasts because I'm not really that interested in the matters talked about, but those podcasts I heard sounded pretty good.
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