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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Out of the 999 disks, how many do you actually use? 5, 10, 20?

You sound a lot like the WHDLoad hoarders who put every single WHDLoad game on the HD, complain that it goes beyond the 4gb limit, struggle to set up an 8gb card and at the end of it all probably only play half a dozen games.
The point is to have the option to load an image fast and easy. Even if you don't play a game very often suddenly you want to try a certain game and then it's available fast and easy. The more the merrier. And honestly, 300 to 400 tracks are not that many games as most games have several disks. Better to have than not to have. You can still assign whatever you want in available slots. The list I made consists of very known games that most of us have played. And even when I left out games that had more than 5 disks the list still went from 21 to track 512. If I added more known/popular games the list would go way past 600 tracks. And still then I probably left out many popular games.

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