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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
You guys are nuts, so basically you need to document your slots on paper so you know what's where?
Well, I can understand why someone would do that, though I don't do it personally. I like the "random" factor, so I just start the Amiga, select a slot on the Gotek and load whatever is there. It's much faster than having to go through the file selector. If you have a list (not very practical for me, because I keep changing my slot-assigned games) you could pre-select the game you want to load by choosing the appropriate number and voilà! Also much faster than using the file selector. Just as fast (if not faster) than using real disks.

Now, I can see that not everyone looks at things this way. I still use the file selector and I think it is of vital importance, but the simple chance that the Cortex firmware gives of using it this way makes it more desirable for some people than the HxC. If Jeff was to implement these features on HxC, I bet it would appeal to a much broader share of the users and increase his own market share. But that's entirely up to him. We can do nothing more than offering mere suggestions (or carve our own Gotek firmware, LOL).
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