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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
You guys are nuts, so basically you need to document your slots on paper so you know what's where?
Take a look at my thread here. I have a list going from 21 to 512 sorted alphabetical. It will consist of 18 pages when printed out. Very easy to use. I even offer 4 and 8GB USB images for download with this list pre-assigned. Of course the USB images contains more games than the ones assigned to the tracks. This is much faster and more practical than booting into the selector and assigning your favorite games every time.

Also, 20 first slots are left empty for assigning/re-assigning anything you wish. Also there is no problem to use MS Word to extend the list or change it. You don't even need to print it out. Just have it on a ipad or whatever.

If this is your definition of being nuts then I prefer to be nuts

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