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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
Interesting. Well, then if you prefer to assign 1000 images at a time to avoid to use the file selector, this means that the embedded file selector idea just totally sucks finally.

So there is no technical/practical reasons to do this on the Amiga. A simple tool on pc/mac will be a lot more convenient to this job.
I don't think you understand. Why does the fact that we could save a list of games in their respective slots make the file selector a bad idea? I don't understand your logic there. Also, why does the fact that we want our Goteks - mounted on our Amigas - to be able to store games on slots on a somewhat permanent way - make a "simple tool on pc/mac" a better idea? If everyone is praising the Cortex firmware for this particular aspect, why do you resist the idea that it is feasible and practical and actually wanted by several individuals?

When I only had the Cortex Gotek, I used to hear everyone praise the HxC and diss the Cortex. "The Cortex is buggy. It's discontinued. HxC is much better. Handles extended ADFs and is more compatible." Once I actually got a HxC Gotek and could compare both, I came to realize that it's not true. For instance, my HxC Gotek doesn't boot from the menu. Whenever I need to restart the Amiga after selecting and saving an ADF, I have to Ctrl+A+A. That's a bug on my book. Also, and I'm running on v3.0.6.7a and it doesn't quite deal with extended ADFs, at least not with some of them. Also, the IPF support isn't there (or I could not enable it), so many of the improvements over the Cortex weren't there. Also, there was the disappointment of the number of slots available for pre-selection. I can only preselect 15, while on the Cortex I can go up to 999 (personally I use just about 300).

My Cortex Gotek, mounted on a A500, has a close-100% compatibility rate (only 2 to 3 games out of nearly 500 tried had some issue). No other bugs to report. It resets from the menu and can store up to 999 games on designated slots. These are the main highlights of it.

The HxC firmware has a few qualities too. It boots from Workbench (though once it does, there is no "quit back to Workbench" option, which means if we want to go back to Workbench, we have to reset the Amiga), it is slightly more compatible (accepts some extended ADFs) and has more options. But the little problems I spoke of above are keeping the HxC from completely obliterating the Cortex in terms of practicality.

The ideal firmware, for me, would:
1) Reset from the menu
2) Have some sort of search option, like pressing the letter and jumping onto games that start with that letter.
3) Have as many slots as possible (Cortex' 999 seem to be more than enough)
4) Have an option to sort the files by alphabetic order

And that's it. I don't think its that hard to implement any of these, but I could be wrong. In the end, this is YOUR software and we must respect your wishes and be thankful for what you give us. We're just highlighting things that we would like to see in a standard Gotek drive. There are no ad hominem attacks here. No one is dissing, criticizing or attacking you and - I believe - everyone is grateful for what you've done. We're only expressing some sort of wish list for our Goteks in the hope of making our beloved Amigas even more enjoyable. That's it. The final decisions, though, are up to you, naturally.

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