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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
Interesting. Well, then if you prefer to assign 1000 images at a time to avoid to use the file selector, this means that the embedded file selector idea just totally sucks finally.

So there is no technical/practical reasons to do this on the Amiga. A simple tool on pc/mac will be a lot more convenient to this job.
The selector is still important of course. If I had let's say track 21 to track 800 assigned I probably left the 20 first empty because I wanted to assign/reassign images I wanted to test out on a regular basis. Maybe I also wanted to assign more than 800 tracks or change the list without the need to do it on a PC/Mac. The possibility would be nice as an extra feature, but keep the selector that can be used on a real Amiga too. So on a Gotek with HXC firmware, does it cycle faster and faster through the tracks when you hold the backward or forward button and also skip empty tracks, like on the Cortex firmware? This is essentsial if huge number of pre-assigned images are gonna be practical. On the Cortex firmware it's no problem having a huge assigned library because of the above mentioned function.

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