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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
I dont think you understand the concept of slots here, this is not limit on how many disks you can store on the SD card, it's a limit on how many you have in a ready to use "queue".

most ppl will put only the games they are playing in slots and then clear the slots when they move on to other games.

Your SD card storage limit is the main factor in how many disks you store, not the number of "slots".
no, I perfectly understand. I actually want to be able to assign more than 250 slots in one go. I know it's not the limit of how many images you can store on the SD card/USB stick. My goal is to try and avoid the selector software for the most part. I already have track 21 to track 512 assigned on my Gotek Cortex units. I did it on one then just imaged the USB stick for use in my others. Of course I have more ADFs on my USB sticks than this. And that is one of the reasons I left the first 20 tracks empty. If I want to go and assign a demo or something. even 21 to 512 is not that many games. Keep in mind most games have several disks and many has a save disk.

With a list printed out or just use the same list on a PC it's very fast to load up one of the assigned ADFs. Also, what many people don't realise is that with the Cortex firmware when you hold the backwards or forwards buttons it starts to cycle faster and faster. Don't know if the HXC firmware have this functionality that it will cycle faster and faster the longer you hold the backwards or forwards button? So even going from track 0 to track 999 would not take many seconds. Of course if you were at a low track and wanted to go to one of the last tracks you just use backwards button instead and it will be even faster. It will also skip empty tracks.

This is much more practical and faster than using the selector software on a regular basis.

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