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Originally Posted by Amon_RA View Post
Why do you feel the need to give a childish response on valid feedback?

I love the podcast, but I think it's important to also point out things that could be improved and make it even better. When you're not a native English speaker it's already difficult to understand certain UK accents, throw in some sound distortion/volume issues and it's game over. Just being brutally honest... The sound quality of the Galahad episode was excellent, and I hope future episodes will be on the same level.
It wasn't childish at all. The point is you'll die waiting for the perfect recordings of these fascinating industry insiders, assuming there was anything wrong with them in the first place.

I know if I was struggling to follow them I'd change my own set up, listen in a silent room on decent quality speakers etc, rather than shoot myself in the foot by skipping them entirely.
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