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As much as I disagree with your previous post comments, I just don't have the time to debate with you. (TOS a lot better than WB1.3? You've lost your mind...) Hopefully, someone else will hold you accountable.

Originally posted by manicx
What can the PC do that an Amiga/Atari cannnot? What's the incentive to use a 1000+ Euros/Dollars/GBPs instead of an old computer that costs no more than 30 Euros to find today?
Erm I know what the PC can can recycle the same game genre for more than a decade with mere adjustments made to the clumsy beta core, re-package it, re-sell it, regurgitate it, and captivate millions in the process. Amiga and ST games were cursed by being varied, unique, fun, imaginative and innovative. Hence the death of the 16-bit workhorses. (sigh)
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