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I actually have great memories of this game, back to 1987, played on a i8088 CGA. Somehow, the music wasn't as bad as it is in your video (sure, it was a monotone PC-Speaker in all its splendour but it wasn't as screechy, if you know what I mean). Also, my old Philips computer had a somewhat atypical PC-Speak which had less volume and a more acute sound, which, somehow, made the PC-Speaker games more bearable than the "tube sounding" IBM-like PC-Speakers. Also, Out-Run in the PC - just as you said - is actually quite good (miles better than the Amiga version, for instance), and it's possible to use sound effects instead of the (admittedly awful) music. Still, thanks for this video! It was a powerbowl of nostalgia. Guess I'm going to boot DOSBox up, now...
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