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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Does this not depend on the software being used as a launcher? I believe Jeff can make it load as many as you want, I guess. Doesn't seem like a hardware/firmware limitation.
Yeah, he said he can. If he does I will order me a couple of Gotek drives with the HXC firmware already installed as I cannot bother to order the serial device, then buy the firmware and connect it to his servers and blah.. blah. Easier to just buy them from with the firmware already installed.

Edit: I don't have any wish or plans of adding a display which can show the filenames, so if the HXC firmware works in the same way as the Cortex firmware with regards to if you hold the forwards/backwards buttons the counter goes faster and faster then it's fine. If this function is not in the HXC firmware then it's a no go for me. I prefer to have all my assigned images on a list and use the number display.

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