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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
Both can support this (SD HxC and HxC-Gotek).

A question : How many time are you spending to setup/assign 999 images ? This seems totally crazy to me .
I also wonder how many time and memory it take to load the 1000 file entries to the memory (all of this through the slow floppy interface...).

Anyway if this is really needed i can change the file selector to support 999 files.
But this sound not very practical and in this case i recommend you the LCD+button add-on .
It took me probably an hour to assign over 500 ADFs on my Gotek. I then made a list in word (I didn't need to write each ADF, I had all the ADFs I wanted in a folder and just copied their filenames and pasted them in a word document and then activated numbering) which shows what ADF is in which slot. They are also alphabetical sorted so it's not hard to use the list. I printed out this list and find it very practical. On the Gotek when you hold the forward/backwards buttons it starts to count really fast. So going to a certain slot does not take many seconds. Having most of the good/known ADFs assigned to slots is much more practical than having to boot up the menu to assign. Also, with a list like I made one don't need a display that shows the filename of the ADF. Having 500 ADFs a display showing the name of the files doesn't help much as you have to cycle through everything anyway. Having a list with all the slots and what is assigned to what slot is much more practical. Oh, and with over 500 slots assigned there will be a small delay if I boot up the ADF selector. Not very long though. Other than that, there are no delay or slowdowns. But I rarely need to boot up the selector because of how many slots I have assigned.

Look at my thread here.

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