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ok, so this is how my list of dates looks. If anybody can give me more specific dates, by hacking the code and finding revision logs and version dates, that would be great. I cannot believe nobody has ever asked about the first Amiga game - ever!

1985 (EDIT

Archon EA
Skyfox EA

January - Last update of code: American History Adventure, Queue, Inc
Spring 1986 - InterAction, by IntraCorp, Inc - WB1.1 copyright 1985

From COMDEX in spring 1986 march/april

Hacker Activision

The Coveted Mirror Polarware/Penguin Software
Frank and Ernest's (Spy) Adventure Polarware/Penguin Software
Oo-Topos Polarware/Penguin Software

Jewels Of Darkness Rainbird (1986)

Monkey Business The Other Valley Software

Ultima II Sierra on-line

Spellbreaker Infocom 85 - September 16, 1985 & September 4, 1986
Moonmist Activision/Infocom 86
Borrowed Time Activision / Infocom
Mindshadow Activision / Infocom

Talking Trivia (Speech Trivia Game, marketed by Megatronics, Utah

Apl 1986 Crimson Crown Polarware
Apl 1986 Transylvania Polarware
1986 Mindwalker Synapse - Commodore Amiga
May 1986 Seven Cities Of Gold
May 1986 One-On-One Larry Bird - EA
Jul 1986 Brataccas Psygnosis
Aug 1986 Delta Patrol - The Other Valley Software (July info library)
Sep 1986 A Mind Forever Voyaging Infocom/Activision
Sep 1986 Rogue
Sep 1986 Temple Of Apshai Epyx
Oct or Dec - The Pawn - Rainbird

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