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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
So you got every Commodore machine ever released, plus the upgrades and expansions? You're nuts!

I only had a C64 when I grew up in my childhood, and have used the wonders of emulation 3 years after I sold it. I enjoyed emulation so far, but last year, I decided to go for the real thing. I already got an A500 and A1200, and I am looking to get the A1200 hooked up to the net and find a way to transfer ADFs onto a heap of 2DD blank disks without investing in a GoTek.
Not Every commodore - just all the ones I could find at a reasonable cost. It costs a bloody fortune to ship to the most isolated city on the planet. I get enormouse pleasure out of running each one. They are all different and unique in their own way. And I re-started out with just the 1200. Sounds a bit like you....
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