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Originally posted by Antiriad
Neglects to mention how superior the Amiga actually was... funny that, i mean! The ST didnt even have a built in floppy drive when it was launched! Even when they put one in it was a single sided DD one! And its dire 8bit Yamaha sound chip? Pleeeease...
The ST was release nearly 1.5 years before the Amiga. I can't understand what's wrong with the external floppy disk drive. Three things to mention:

1) ST 720/1.44 floppy drive works a dream with PC floppy disks and vice versa. Just have a look to PacifiST, the old ST emulator for the PC that could read ST FDs!!! Neither to mention how easy it is to convert a ST/MSA image from the PC to the ST.

2)The Amiga has an external PSU. Is this a disadvantage?

3) YM2149 delivered its job really well. It was the whole ST architecture that lacked, not the sound chip. Don't forget that the ST could play 4ch mods but that was down to clever programming not to make the CPU go bananas. Basically, I've seen some routines that could play 4096 colours with scrolling while you are listening to 4ch music on the ST and the CPU is no more than 50% loaded....

4) (Ok I cheated!!! ) The ST was running at nearly 1MHz faster. Vector graphics were moving a lot faster and 99% of 3D graphics back then were vectors...

Perhaps that would raise the issue that the ST's OS was a load of **** compared to even Workbench 1.3!
TOS was a lot better than WB1.3. After all how many of us actually used WB1.3? It was useless in those floppy disks. The ST had the OS in ROM, and unfortunately that was the way to go. But instead, Amiga Vs Atari wars didn't let people to see clearly what was usefull and what was not. We only got used to the WB with A1200s and the cheap IDE HDs...

No....from day one the Commodore Amiga surpassed the Atari ST in EVERY respect. And the music industry was its ONLY strong presence...the Amiga dominated gaming and video production by comparison, the Amiga had a much higher chance of carving a Apple like niche in the market than the ST ever did.
True, but that domination of the gaming industry is also the Amiga's curse. It was considered by most as a gaming machine and with the arrival of Super Nintendo, everyone who was just lazy MF gamer, sold his Amiga because he couldn't play games. All us, who still use Amigas, are here because we took REAL computing to another level...

The point is that even though I have been part of the ST/Amiga wars, when I look back then I see too similar computers and sadly, two very similar companies. Stretegically speaking, they both sucked. What they both lacked, was to see the actual communities behind the computers and try to fullfil their needs. All they tried to do, was to increase revenues by selling the same old computer at a time where technology and R&D was moving forward at a fast pace.

The purpose of this post is not to cause wars, it's just here to highlight that both machines had strong and weak points, but one thing is for sure. I loved the market back then simply because it was more mature, more fun and most important, a hell more creative...
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