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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
The screens I have seen of said audio production software looked 320x200 resolution anyhow, so how advanced could it have really been? Sounds like the software just played slave to MIDI keyboards, which is nothing but the 68000 crunching numbers. The ST's domination in that department had nothing whatsoever to do with anything unique to that machine.
The answer to that is full updated versions of Cubase + the high res 640*400 B/W resolution that worked a dream with Cubase. Don't forget that the best you could get from an Amiga was the runty 640*256 because when you were trying to put the resolution up to 640*512 you needed psychological help.... So three thing:

1) In built Midi Ports for free
2)Software that supported the midi ports and especially full updated versions of cubase
3)Hi-res flicker-free resolution

I still have my STE, and if somebody asks me to use a PC those days for some Midi work, I will laugh. I will simply set up my STE, boot up from floppy and make him eat his hat....
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