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Originally Posted by LordNipple View Post
Haha! I don't really feel I have to justify my design choices to you, especially as you're being rather rude. For the sake of others who are reading this and who think the same I will clarify: 16 colours were chosen because if we were to work in 32 the frame rate would drop to 25 FPS, this is something Magnus wasn't prepared to do so I have been tasked with producing a 16 colour palette that gives nice results, so far I have had very positive feedback regarding those graphics (apart from yourself).

The palette is staying as it is, I don't have time to re-draw every sprite just to suit one user.
As for how I use my colours, it truly has nothing to do with you, no-one is forcing you to play this or to like it. I value all feedback of course, positive or negative.
First of all I did not mean to be rude, however if I express my opinion there is still a possibility that someone might not like it, especially when he misunderstand it.
I am not here to critisize you but to make your game look better.
I told you exactly why i do not like the graphics and the situation when 50% of the screen is created using 2 or 3 colours is not my opinion, but sad fact.
Someobody might think it is still good and he has all the right to think so, but I do not like it because its 2016 and i know Amiga 500 can do MUCH MUCH MORE.
Dont change the palette just use more colours to create the objects, especially those who you use most frequently.
I specialise myself in colour quantisation and psychovisualistic, so I know pretty much what i am talking about and you can check my work on Ryggar thread or better check how great amiga graphics can be on Magnus T page.
[ Show youtube player ]

Colourfull, plenty of details, superb.

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