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The level you see in the videos is simply placeholder, to test things in. The actual levels will look vastly better than this, maybe we should've waited to show off what we were doing but we're just so excited about it and wanted to share that excitement.

There will be other settings, yes. Forest no.
I spent a large portion of time drawing the various panels etc using the existing palette. If this is something of a mistake I will regret it in time I'm sure, but I am rather proud of the way they look and so they will stay as they are.

It is inevitable that whenever someone is making something creative there will always be those who seek out what they feel are weaknesses in order to validate their own opinions. But that's all they are: opinions. They can, of course go and make their own games and leave us to make ours.

When this game is finished I will have achieved something I have always wanted to do. Magnus's programming is the best thing about this project but I am very proud of the work I have done so far. Magnus is also extremely happy with my work.

There will be a shop yes
I might make that 32 colours though, we'll see, I am very aware of the filesize bloating and us having trouble fitting it onto one disk
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