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Originally Posted by Trachu View Post
I am not talking about the palette you used, I am talking that 50% of the screen area is created using 2 colours dithered floor and 2/3 colour top of the walls.
This gives the feeling of overall poorness of graphic quality.

You can keep the palette if that is what you like, but use more than just 3 colours.

BTW. why you dont use 32colours?
Haha! I don't really feel I have to justify my design choices to you, especially as you're being rather rude. For the sake of others who are reading this and who think the same I will clarify: 16 colours were chosen because if we were to work in 32 the frame rate would drop to 25 FPS, this is something Magnus wasn't prepared to do so I have been tasked with producing a 16 colour palette that gives nice results, so far I have had very positive feedback regarding those graphics (apart from yourself).

The palette is staying as it is, I don't have time to re-draw every sprite just to suit one user.
As for how I use my colours, it truly has nothing to do with you, no-one is forcing you to play this or to like it. I value all feedback of course, positive or negative.
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