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I found the "Game State" section - in The 3D Construction Kit User Club Newsletter - issue #1:
Variable 40: Game  State.
o  =  Playing,
1  =  Lose  (Time  out).
2  =  Lose  (Energy  out),
3  =  Lose  (Fell  too  far),
4  =  Lose  (Drowned),
5  =  Win.
6  =  End  Game  (Endgame seQuence  and  finish).
I think i saw it in version II manual, but I guess it was used in same way.
They are just the variables used by the demo game that came with 3DCK1 (called the Kitgame), so has little to do with saving.

As you suggested, the fanzines may contain info for gamesaves in 3DCK2.

I don't know w the answer as my expertise is with the 8 bit versions.

Marskilla, have you considered posting the question to the Facebook page of the unofficial 3D Construction Kit website? It may increase the chances of it being read by someone experienced with 16 bit 3DCK who may know the answer.
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