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Problems with getting warp to work

Hi guys ok I have finally got cybergraphics to work after 10 or so failed attempts tried cwb 3.9 and cwb advanced 2.8 would not run. So now using bare 3.9 with going bag 4.
Now in all installations p96 works as expected until u run warp3d at which point the full screen demo crashes but the smaller ones run the cogs rota but the whole cog is light gray with no detail. Under cybergraphics it won't even run that using version 4.2.

My setup is A4000D 2 mb fast 8mb other on board, cyberstorm mk2 060 72mhz 128mb, cybervision 64/3d, zorro ram 256mb, ardiena 2 nic, fast at mk iv cf card 4gb dvd drive. Indi mk2cr

I've just completed the system so now learning what makes it tick but this is driving me nuts bought quake 2 with my indi and fast ata and want to have it running correctly also having an issue with the install of quake 2 says can't create a folder.

Hope u guys can help

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