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Question Where are the puzzle, platform and non FPS shoot-em-up games?

Firstly let me say that I think the guy is a complete idiot...

I notice the twat did not include any decent platform or puzzle games (Bubble Bobble, Lemmings, Pang, Puzznic, Rainbow Islands, Rodland, Snow Bros etc). I prefer these types of games to have cartoony graphics and I do not know of any new version of these games anyway. Didn't Psygnosis do a Lemmings in 3D which bombed? Some games just do not work in 3D and yet the guy ignores that fact.

Also I cannot think of any non FPS shooter to match whatever that side on dragon game is. What exactly is the new version of classics like Flying Shark, R-Type, Silkworm, SWIV? The answer is they don't make those games anymore.

I haven't played either of the games in his 4th case study - The Hobbit vs Phantasy Star Online - but if you swap the Hobbit for a game like Monkey Island then I would much rather play Monkey Island from looking at the screenshots.

Space Harrier versus Rez just shows that better graphics do not make a game play better.

And while those graphics on that fighting game might be amazing, after about 2 minutes the gimmick wears off and I would probably rather play a fair game like International Karate. New beat-em-ups tend to have completely unfair combatants with one player able to do "cheat" moves like fireballs from miles away.
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