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check out some projects i did in the last few weeks because i like drawing in Pro Motion

castlevania, reworked from original nes graphics, spritesheets here complete and some more. level 1 tiles complete.

inspired from invasion of zombie monsters msx [ Show youtube player ]
spritesheets here complete, level 1 complete. All drawn from scratch.

Shinobi clone because Amiga version sucks. Reference C64 version, spritesheets here complete, level 1 and 2 complete. Drawn from scratch. 16 colors

Myth because i like ZX spectrum version most. Reworked from original graphics, sprites level 1 complete, level 1 tiles complete, 16 colors

Turrican clone, reference Super Turrican SNES, all is drawn from scratch, sprites here complete, level 1 complete but is cut down to snes version (massive amount of graphics to be drawn).

Inspired from knight n grail C64, all drawn from scratch, all spritesheets here complete. Level 1 complete.

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