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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
How does that work? Do you mean Gotek w. Cortex Firmware? Because I have never heard about anyone reflashing an HxC board and I couldn't see the reason for it either.
Ahh, sorry, was a bit "sombrero on the eyelids" after a long day. Yep, it's the Gotek one, was joggling the two different options for a long time since the shop I purchased it from offers so many different choices ... Been real happy with it -- well, apart from the 3-digit LED display and the fact that I haven't had the time to figure out a proper solution for the disk selection buttons and the display (just installed the whole thing straight inside the computer and that's that).

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the A500Flash, because as I've now found out upon fixing my dear old Amiga 500 back to life (typical silly sombrero): replacing the v1.3 Kickstart ROM to Amiga Forever's 3.x before getting a HDD adapter wasn't a good move (all the ACA500's were sold out before I got the chance to get one). The sad fact is that if you're using the Kickstart 3.X ROM - I have the latest version for my A500 - a majority of old A500 games need to be softkicked into Kickstart 1.3 in order for them to work 100% or in some cases, at all.

And I initially thought the majority of my disks were going bad .... geez. The problem seems to be related especially to either games that use certain audio filter/memory routines or especially applications such as trackers. I really do wonder what's the problem all about. All the guru codes are in the 8000-register, but I've even bought a new trapdoor 512k memory expansion, with no luck whatsoever.

Now I should probably start figuring out which version of the A500Flash would be the better option. Any opinions on possible pros and cons of the two different versions? I'd want to be able to switch between Kickstart v3.X and v1.3 for compatibility reasons, will be getting an ACA500plus as soon as they are available.

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