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Looking for budding artist and musician for game collaboration


Having recently returned to the Amiga scene I have decided to develop a new game. I am a programmer and have yet to develop a game for the Amiga, so this will be a learning experience for me.

I am similarly looking for budding artists and musicians that have not yet had a chance to work on Amiga game (the position I am in).

I am more than happy to work at a slow pace with people that want to learn as we go.

The game will not be ambitious, and our goal will not be to develop a ground breaking game on our first attempt. I am thinking that if we target the lowest possible system (68000 with 512kb chip ram) then this should limit scope creep and allow us to actually finish something in a reasonable time.

The game will be 100% hardware/assembler, and developed on a cross development platform. I will also be able to develop any tools we will require to convert/import game assets (Or other tools that will help us with our work).

I will obviously not rule people out that have had previous experience, but the pace might be a bit slow for people that are used to working with coders with 25 years of Amiga experience.

I have a fairly concrete game concept, but am open to collaborators pitching a better idea.

Finally, the only condition I put on the work is that people must be happy to release all of our work under a free license.
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