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I don't think you're going to be able to emulate it, but it's perfectly usable still.
You will just need real hardware...
I had one back in the day..

I really appreciated the way they got around the requirement for really expensive video equipment needed to capture color hires images by using a 3 pass approach.

I didn't go with the color displays myself as I was looking for video capture (from VCRs mostly) and bought an additional electronic color splitter.

For me, the process was:
1: Get as good a freeze frame as I can. :-)
Then it's the same basic process.
2: Set the electronic color splitter to the first setting (same as positioning your color wheel if you're using a b/w camera and the included color wheel).
3: Scan an image.
4: Change the color splitter (or color wheel) to the next setting and scan again.
5: Repeat step 4 once more.
6: Profit!
(Ok, the profit part wasn't true for me as it was just for fun, but still.. ;-)

I really enjoyed the Digiview Gold.

Also, if you haven't yet seen the Digiview demos (they are mostly on Youtube I think), you should check them out. Epic! (At least at the time.)

(Is there a youtube version of NewTek DemoReel 3 that includes "The Face" part working? I remember just being astonished by that... But I don't think it worked (now?) in emulators..)

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