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Help and Advice regarding Digi View Gold by NewTek


Dear All, I am hoping you may be able to offer some help and advice.
Currently I am researching a Photographic Project to begin late Spring, related to the themes of Identity, Groups/Tribes, Personal and Corporate Branding.
My main topic of research has been located around the 1986 - Fashion, Symbolism and Technology, leading me to this forum.

I am incredibly interested in using Technology connected to the 1980's and have found an early Video/Photo system called - Digi View Gold by NewTek for the Amiga.

Would anyone be able to find or help me find a working version of this?? Or if it may be possible to emulate this system??

It would fit my project perfectly in terms of research and aesthetic and I was hoping you may be able to offer a bit more background about it and if it is at all still usable??
Please if you could let me know if you have any ideas about this I would be extremely grateful.

Many Thanks in advance for your time and any further info, help or advice you may have.

Kind Regards,
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