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I am very interested in the page holding the "game state" subject.

I'l try to be more explicit.

Here's the game I'm working on :

As you can see, I made two buttons in the borders : save and load.

You have to map them in 3dck2 using the controls :

Evry other control just works fine.

With 3DCK 1, a message box pops, you enter the name of yuor savegame and here you go.

With 3DCK 2, nothing happens.

I know for sure, that you can save and load. For example if you take the Atari ST game Secret weapon (available here : ) the games saves and loads. And it's 3DCK2. The source is available here :

this drives me crazy !

I tried to figure it out, but...

Page 77 of the manual I found nothing about the variables and the savegame.

In the controls entry of the manual (page 54) I found nothing

I found no FCL command to save.

I'm stuck.

With Amiga, ST and DOS versions

But the version I wish is the Amiga 2.07 :

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