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HELP: Anyone got Software Pre 1985?

I'm not sure if there anything we can do on this but I thought I would ask anyway. Prior to the final boing demo being finished by RJ and Dale in Jan 84 there was a primitive one created by Sam Dicker that (as described by Dale) 'was a yellow and blue spinning ball with no shadow, primitive and very flat...really just a simple colour palette animation, but it still impressed the visitors but we thought we could do better'.

Have you ever heard of such a demo being released or reconstructed? Its the demo that RJ and Dale worked all night to change into the classic red and white one.

Also, any primitive demos or apps that have somehow been unofficially released that we know were created prior to the Commodore launch in 1985. For example Dale, Dave and RJ tell us that they were able to add blitter line draw just prior to Jan 84 CES, they mocked up some basic demo but have no idea whatever happened to it or really what it looked like. Now there is a 1987 blitter line draw demo, but I wondered if you may have got your hands on such 1984-85 pre-release demos and applications?

The holy grail would be demos the team created and used at the CES in Jan and June 1984. I think the demo looked like this:

Also, anyone heard of Asus art package, perhaps used on A1000?

Thanks for all leads.
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