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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
I have a feeling that the Amiga market can soak up an unlimited amount of accelerators. There are no leftover stocks. All previous A1200 ACAs have been sold. No more ACA 620 since... recently I guess. I checked AmigaKit's page yesterday and they are no more. There are only 1221s available (and they are the latest models) and limited edition 1233s (on Individual homepage).

With new mobos there will be more hungry mouths (expansion ports) to feed So there is no rivalry between accelerators. We will buy everything
I actually share this point of view I think you are right. People harvest anything for Amigas nowadays. Just by looking at myself the last year or so and how much Amiga stuff I've been harvesting from both the Norwegian market, ebay, friends, Amigakit and Amigastore. And I always want more. It's like my love for Amiga stuff is even stronger now than it was back in 1991.
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