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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
That's a nice idea. But well, I also will tell what I will do with the one I've ordered: I will open it, I will read the manual or at least take a look at it, I will use the floppy just once to save it to the HD and then I will place the nice box where I can see it... That's in the happy case that my floppy drive reads the floppy, because if not I just will download it and I won't complain at all about the floppy disk.
Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
On second thought, I just went for it and made the payment for the boxed version just now. As Retrofan mentioned, it's nice to look at the box on the shelve now and again as well
I'm sure the box / everything is very nice but unfortunately as I've also mentioned previously there's no room in my house to be storing extra stuff...

I have over 4000 vinyls and other stuff; the girlie wouldn't be too happy if I start adding "game" boxes also
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