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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
@juan; I know I've said this before but will do so again... I have no need for a boxed copy of the CD-ROM or Disk (as I use WinUAE only these days) but would love to be able to "donate" for this worthy game.

Can you guys not setup a PayPal account or something where people who feel the same as me could send some money across in appreciation of all your hard work?
That's a nice idea. But well, I also will tell what I will do with the one I've ordered: I will open it, I will read the manual or at least take a look at it, I will use the floppy just once to save it to the HD and then I will place the nice box where I can see it... That's in the happy case that my floppy drive reads the floppy, because if not I just will download it and I won't complain at all about the floppy disk.
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